Monster Mania

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As some may know.. We recently had a table at the Monster Mania Convention in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. We just wanted to update everyone on this. We had a ton of fun. We met a lot of people over the weekend who were very interested in what we do and they really wanted to help us out. We heard so many stories. It was just amazing. It reminded us what we are doing this for... as if we could ever forget.

We were able to give out more than a hundred fliers and business cards. We also even received some of our first donations! There was a huge variety of people that were interested. It was incredible. One small girl, probably about 15 years old... She bought one of our pin-back buttons (50 cent donation) for $10. It was great, she was so excited about it and told us how we inspire her. We were so proud and happy to be at Monster Mania, we cannot wait to go back in March! P.S. Even Derek Mears from the most recent Friday the 13th wanted to take a flier and business card! He was one of the kindest people.

This world can be an amazing place for those who may have lost themselves in life. We are all capable of helping people from all different areas in life. We can help them by teaching them to breathe-and-release.