Breathe Inspiration

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Breathe-and-Release just wanted to take a few moments and wish everyone the best for the Holiday Season. Remember.. what you have should never be taken for granted in life. People come and go as do material objects. Don't forget this.. bring disagreements to an end, love one another and just Breathe. Holidays can be a little hectic with all the running around and dinners here and there.. Just enjoy this. Try not to worry so much, just Release..

Remember in times like these, there are those who are less fortunate. Those with no families and those with no homes. They need the most love during these times. PLEASE reach out and appreciate these people. Show them their purpose in life and show them how to Breathe-and-Release. They need it more than ever during the holidays and the winter.

While thinking of your New Years resolution for 2010.. Maybe you could consider including others in this resolution. Reach out and touch someone. Why not make it a goal to bring a homeless person one hot meal a week, or maybe even just a warm hot chocolate or a coffee from the local restaurant. Be their friend and talk to them for a couple minutes. Do something to show them... they count. They ARE people, and they have HOPE.. Even if it's just the hope you have for them and they have no hope left for themselves... Inspire them. They need it.

Thank you so much!! Happy Holidays to everyone!!

PLEASE use the space below to write your New Years Resolution or your life inspirations.. Who knows.. they may inspire others as well!