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Breathe-and-Release has updated a lot of things on the Myspace profile. We have added banners to use on your profile such as ones to the left on this blog. PLEASE add them to everything you can get your digital hands on :} We have also added quite a few help links in the blog area on our profile. If you know of any more please leave them in a comment in that blog and they will be added. We accept almost any type of help links..

Also, we are still growing pretty steadily on Facebook. Our cause page has slowed a little since we first started.. but it still continues to get members each week. So please continue to do a great job in spreading the word. We also wanted to take the time out to thank everyone for helping and spreading the word. The start of this foundation has been a little rocky, but we are extremely proud of how many members have reached out and touched us by offering their help as well as their support. Thank you all so much again... You are what creates this foundation. :}

On another note, we are hoping to get a basic site up and running within the next couple of months. We know it has been quite some time now, and we really owe it to everyone to get it up and running. It will not be a huge site in the beginning, but we are hoping to get a basic profile, an updates blog a way to make donations, and also a forum so that everyone can talk to each other. We are also in the process of getting stickers and t-shirts designed. We currently have buttons/flyers available so if interested please write to us a

Thank you so much for your time!! Thank you all again for the great work and for the support!!!


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